Visual MATH 4D アプリのレビュー

Closes immediately after opening

I’m a university professor - thought this might help with classes. Unfortunately it shuts down just after opening. Hope this gets fixed. :( Edit: reinstalling did work!! Thanks! Currently trying to figure out how to plot Poles and Zeros for DSP transfer functions (the 3-D kind on the unit circle as a kind of terrain plot). A DSP add-on package would be great!!!

Love this app

Love this app


Amazing app thanks for the developer

Paid app has ads

Has ads


The best app I’ve ever met. I use it often

Calculator doesn’t work!

This app is useless. The calculator doesn’t work. The only thing you can graph are the saved functions... you cannot enter anything! Totally useless...


How can I describe a math function like:x² + y² + z² = 4?


Love ❤️ this app.. never thought it would be possible on my iPhone 👌🏻


an untenable amount of ads

Doesn't work

Nothing works..

A nice app for visualizing functions

I wish I'd had this 50-years ago

Great App

The app won't open. I've tried it on both the iPhone and iPad versions. I think this is going to be amazing!


Really great App. Awesome work here. I have a iPhone 4, not even 4s (slow processor) and it works Great! Highly recommend! 👍👍👍

Used to work well

Unfortunately, this program no longer works on my iPhone 6 with IOS 8.1

Great! But..

I've found another app similar to this but this by far has better interfacing and is easy to use. There are not many apps that can do 3D graphing like this which makes this probably one of the few and the best 3D graphers out there. On another note, there are a few bugs and I've encountered a crash at one point. Switching between graphs seems to be where the trouble lies, also the buttons are hard to touch. The type of graph seems to be locked to degrees mode, I tried Sin(x) in radians and got it in degrees. All in all, needs a bit of fixing up. But could be one of the most useful apps out there in upper level math!


I don't get this but it's fun to use


Beautiful and intuitive layout. If you enjoy playing with surfaces in 3 dimensions, there is no better app. Pros: easy to graph parametric equations; visually stunning; auto rotating view. Cons: only graphs one equation; not very functional as far as calculators go; no way to scale the axis that I have found (I just scale the function instead)


when you zoom , the app occasionally feeze .

It is helpful

It is a great app

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